Monday, October 12, 2015

Hello all of you who love being an RT!

Thank you for all your experiences shared here!

I'd like to also share some pictures and the story behind them: This is a big group, very eager to work and talk but sometimes rather messy when it comes to sharing thoughts and tasks.

It's a fact that once RTs and CTs are working hand in hand, all that eagerness and commitment can be seen in Students and the results are so amazing and comforting!

In this case, after a period of adaptation, we worked together with different dynamics in class and setting homework suited to the students' interests and needs.

The result was a different group. Students show interest in topics proposed and I feel their commitment, which is very nice as we are together during the whole week, not only one day a week, through the platform and when they do their homework.

Here is the project proposed on the neighbourhood.

They presented their favourite places in town. It called my attention that schools and libraries were always present :) and the same with the square and the hospital.

A very nice experience :)


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